Commercial Microwave Ovens

Commercial microwave ovens are essential to the professional and commercial caterer. Their success as a piece of commercial kitchen equipment is because they are very energy efficient and quick at what they do.

Catering microwaves are popular for re-heating previously cooked foods and cooking vegetables. Microwaves are very fast and efficient when it comes to cooking vegetables, not only do they use 3 times less energy than a gas hob but they also keep more of the vitamins and nutrients, in fact they retain upto 85% compared to about 15% in boiled vegetables.

We know why industrial microwaves ovens are popular and we know that they are attractive nutritionally speaking but it is also important that you buy the correct unit for your needs. There are several manufacturers for commercial microwaves, Sharp microwavesPanasonic microwaves, Samsung microwaves and Menumaster microwaves to name but a few. 

Microwaves are available in different wattages and this determines the power and speed of the cooking and re-heating times. The most popular outputs for commercial microwaves is 1000, 1200, 1500 and 1900 and work from a 13 amp plug supply. You can also choose between a dial control and a touch.

Should you go for one of our most popular models like the Sharp R21AT or Sharp R24AT, you know you are getting a professional quality and built machine with touch controls and presets for you to programme with your most popular dishes.
They also have a variable power programme which gives you the same control as cooking on your hob and allows you to cook a more dense product.
There is a very clever cavity protection system available for the Sharp R22AM, R22AT, R23AM, R24AT and R1900. It is an additional extra that provides a hygenic barrier which prevents spills and splatters reaching the microwave's cavity. This prevents damage from food build up and helps to save time when cleaning.
We also offer a great range of Combination Microwaves. Microwave combination mode reduces cooking time by up to 6 times which makes them perfect for shops, bakeries, smaller restaurants, butchers with lunch specials, snack stands, etc.

When choosing and pricing microwaves, please be mindful that a domestic microwave is not suitable for a commercial application. Domestic microwaves cannot withstand constant use and you will find that the performance of your domestic microwave will fall off which leads to longer cooking and re-heating times.