Microsave Liner For Commercial Microwaves - Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung, Winia, Menumaster...

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Innovative, efficient and designed specifically for commercial kitchens, Microsave equipment reduces time-intensive cleaning procedures, protects equipment and enhances hygiene.

Our cost-effective solutions protect equipment from grease and food particles which, if left, can cause serious or unrepairable damage to microwaves and high speed ovens.

Brands it can be used with: Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, Winia, Amana, Menumaster, Merrychef, Valera & Marren

  • Minimise costly call out and repairs - Reduce damage from food particles left on the ceiling plates, base plates and light lens.
  • Protect against splatters and spills - Keep your appliance in service and protect against long-term damage from spillages.
  • Keep your appliance cleaner for longer - Meet Environmental Health and hygiene requirements without arduous cleaning tasks.
  • A better value solution - Our cost-effective cavity liners offer enhanced protection without compromising on price.

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How do I keep the liner clean? Why am I getting scratches or degradation of clarity?

The best way to keep the liner clean is by washing it regularly in your pot wash with a soft cloth and a mild, non-corrosive detergent. Liners can also be cleaned in a non-caustic dishwasher. Scratches will occur if scourers are used and the surface can soon become cloudy. However, this won’t have any impact on performance.

If a spillage occurs in the liner, can I carry on using it?

All spillages should be cleaned up before re-using the microwave to avoid cross-contamination of food and damage. Simply remove the liner, clean it in the pot wash and return to the microwave. This will also help to stop spillages ‘cooking’ onto the base of the liner.

Why do I get steam and condensation after cooking or reheating?

This is purely down to overcooking. The worst items causing this problem are high water content foods such as jacket potatoes. Make sure you’re using the correct timings for your microwave and the products being cooked. This will avoid wasted time and energy, but always make sure that all foods have reached the required temperature.

Can I heat plates in the liner?

Never try heating plates up in a microwave oven either with or without a Cavity Liner, this could cause severe damage to both the microwave and the liner. This will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The Microsave Cavity Liner is there to stop damage to the ceiling plate, the base plate and the lens light cover which are never covered by the warranty. Always make sure that the liner is clean and always in place.

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